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Bay Star Hydraulic Steering System NO HOSES ORDER HO51 SERIES

Bay Star Hydraulic Steering System NO HOSES ORDER HO51 SERIES

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ORDER HOSES SEPERATLY HO51 series (some engines require spacer kits and/or cylinder plate change). The compact cylinder does not require the engine manufacturer drag link for connection. For your convenience two lengths of 20' cut to fit tubing are supplied. Steering kit includes: 1 x BayStar helm pump (HH43143), 1 x BayStar cylinder (HC46453), 2 x hydraulic steering fluid (2315430), and 1 x filler kit (HA5438)

NOTE: This kit comes with a HC46453 cylinder, look at fit chart below to see if it will work with your engine. The HC46583 cylinder is available separately or you can build your own kit

FORCE 1985–DATE 90–150 HP HC4645H
HONDA 1992–DATE 30–90 HP HC4645H
1998–2009 115–130 HP HC4647H
2001–DATE 150 HP HC4645H
2003–DATE BF135 HP HC4645H
2010–DATE 115–150 HP HC4645H
JOHNSON / EVINRUDE 1977–1990 65–150 HP HC4648H
1991–DATE 40–150 HP HC4645H
1997–DATE 115 HP FICHT HC4658H See Notes 4, 5
1997–DATE 75–150 HP FICHT HC4645H
1998–DATE 40–140 HP 4-Stroke HC4658H See Notes 1, 4
MERCURY 1984–DATE 75–150 HP HC4645H
NISSAN 1990–DATE 120–140 HP HC4645H
SUZUKI 1986–DATE 150 HP HC4645H
1996 ONLY 115–140 HP N/A
1987–2002 115–140 HP HC4645H See Note 1
1990–2000 90–100 HP HC4645H
1998–DATE 40–70 4-Stroke HC4645H See Note 1
2001–DATE 115–140 HP 4-Stroke HC4658H See Notes 1, 4
TOHATSU 1990–DATE 40–140 HP HC4645H
YAMAHA 1998–DATE 40–50 HP HC4645H See Note 2
1998–DATE 60 HP HC4645H See Note 3
1986–DATE 70–90 HP HC4645H See Note 1
1997–DATE 80–150 HP 4-Stroke HC4645H
2000–DATE 25–60 HP 4-Stroke HC4648H See Note 1
2010–DATE 70HP 4-Stroke HC4648H
1997–2013 115A 4-STROKE HC4658H
2014-DATE 115B 4-STROKE HC4645H
YANMAR 1990–DATE 27–36 HP HC4645H

1. Requires Spacer kit part # HO5090
2. Engine clamp brackets must be cut or ground, and the engine through bolted onto the transom, or interference will occur, restricting engine trim and tilt.
3. Steering hook Yamaha Part # 63D-48511-00-4D must be installed
4. Cylinder HC4645 may be used in these applications. The pivot plate will need to be flipped before installation.
Instructions provided with Owner’s Manual.
5. Johnson 115 HP 2-Stroke engines, require the pivot plate to be flipped. See Note #4