Betts Old Salt Cast Nets

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The Betts Old Salt Cast Nets have been designed over the years to become the workhorse in the industry. This 8 foot premium casting net features a 3/8" mesh for catching bait sizes from 2" to 5" long. The Betts Cast Net is intended to be used for catching bait in shallow to medium water depths. Ideal for shrimping, the Betts Old Salt Cast Nets are weighted for maximum spread and fast sinking. The Betts Cast Net features extra braille lines to keep your catch from falling out. The inner core lead-line forces the net to fully open for maximum efficiency. The monofilament netting is engineered to be soft, while maintaining incredible strength. All tied knots are hand glued for exceptional quality. The treated bond thread of Betts Cast Nets will not slip or rot. To make your shrimping or bait-catching experience even more convenient, the Betts Old Salt Cast Nets come in a durable tackle utility box and include instructions for casting your net