Blue Water Candy Tandem Parachute Rigs

Regular price $24.99

This combo gives you 2 parachute jigs, pre-loaded with shad bodies that are rigged on one ready-to-fish setup. This premium tandem runs behind a sturdy 1/0 3-way swivel connected to 2 pre-tied parachute leaders one being 4ft and the other is 14ft of 100-lb. test monofilament. Available in a wide range of proven Rock Fish Candy head weights for trolling at virtually any depth; styles vary according to jighead weight. 2-, 3-, and 7-oz. jigs have the open-mouthed Chugger/Chomper head; 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-oz. jigs have the Spire head; and 24- and 36-oz. jigs have the round Mojo head.

  • One rig, 2 parachute jigs with shad bodies
  • Pre-tied to a sturdy 1/0 3-way swivel
  • 2 parachute leaders tied on 100-lb. test monofilament
  • Wide range of head weights for trolling at any depth
  • Jighead styles vary by weight