Rule Mate Auto Bilge Pump

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With water-sensing technology built-in, Rule-Mate pumps eliminate the need for a separate switch.

With proven reliability, these pumps feature built-in switches, anti-fouling impellers and snap-off strainers for easy cleaning. All models boast solid-state water sensing technology that recognizes the dielectric constant of water only. In the event of an onboard oil spill, straight motor oil that enters the bilge will not activate these pumps. 500, 750 and 1100gph models include one straight and one 90° hose fitting.

Key Features

  • All-in-one pump and switch—no float switch required
  • Pump turns on when water level rises and shuts off when water is removed
  • Will not pump oil—straight motor oil will not activate pump
  • Snap-off strainer makes cleaning easy