Tica Sportera SV

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■ 7 precision stainless steel rust resistant ball bearings.
■ Computer balanced anti-twist rotor.
■ HQ graphite drags system.
■ Instant anti-reverse.
■ Bearing assisted anti-twist line roller.
■ Ambidextrous.
■ Aluminum spool.
■ Stainless steel main shaft.
■ Hit and run system.
■ Precision machine cut hit and run tension adjustment screw.
■ Tension adjustable hit and run knob.
■ Free spool line out alarm.
■ Non-slip handle knob with 2 stainless steel bearings.
■ Titanium plated anti-twist line roller.
■ Worm shaft system.
■ Power drive gear designed for better strength and smoothness.
■ Smooth and powerful carbon drag washers.