Tie Down Brake Actuator 8000lb

Regular price $279.99

8,000 lb capacity. No longer will you be required to pump the dampener first before bleeding the brakes. It now has a pre loaded dampener. The 2 inch quick latch coupler in the closed (tow) latch position will auto-latch onto the hitch ball when set on top of the hitch ball, with minimal weight. Incorrect latching and/or forgetting to properly close the latch mechanism is the #1 reason for trailer seperation from the tow vehicle. Universal latch position. Solenoid plumbing built into the master cylinder, eliminates removal of entire solenoid for servicing, detachment of brake hose, detachment of actuator cover, detachment of actuator unit from trailer tongue. Common filler cap easier to maintain spare parts. Standard length actuator cover. Cast steel ball clamp. Safety pin that locks the ball clamp, not the latch handle. Aluminum master cylinder. Coiled E stop cable, PVC coated. Grease fittings on roller pins.